Loop #1 – St-Nazaire – Labrecque

Loop #1: St-Nazaire Labrecque

Distance: 24.9 km
Estimated time 0:53
Elevation gain: 110 meters
Elevation loss: 94 meters
Difference in elevation: 39 meters

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Information on the loop:

Loop # 1: Intermediate.  Additional 14 km

Black and yellow sign will indicate beginning and end of Loops.

At the north end of the J.F. Grenon Bridge, you go left at the traffic lights. At the beginning, Jack’s slope is steep, but short (200 meters). Then, small valleys await you. You will pass through the municipality of St-Nazaire. For those who will be doing Loop #1, you take road #6 on your left. Quiet roads featuring nice farming landscapes will take you to the area of Saint-Coeur-de-Marie.