Loop #6A – Lac Vert Tour

Loop #6A: Around Lake Vert

Distance: 13.3 km
Estimated time: 0:28
Elevation gain: 56 meters
Elevation loss: 67 meters

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Information on the loop:

Loop # 6 A:  Intermediate.  Additional 13 km, which is an additional 18 km including Loop # 6.

Black and yellow sign will indicate beginning and end of loop

This 13-km road is a must. You will ride between Laurentians’ lakes and foothills. It is amazingly beautiful and the paving is great up to the iron bridge you will take on your left. Road St-Isidore is less smooth but you will get the chance to taste well-known cheeses from award winning Lehmann cheese dairy. It is situated on your left.

Alma’s cycling club Accro and Métabetchouan’s cycling club will be present in this route.